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I had Cancer when I was in my early 20’s. For me the effects we’re devestating and life changing! I didn’t have to endure any Chemo or Radiation but I did have a partial hysterectomy, and that kept me from having any more children. I did start to have children at a very young age of 16. Thanks to God because I don’t know how I would have delt with not ever becoming a mother, However for me it was devestating. Then almost to the day two years later I had another form of Cancer and had to have a complete hysterectomy. That threw me into a change of life, with hot flashes and total upset to my mind and body.

Then in my 50’s I was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment and while I was in the shower I felt a lump in my breast, so I mentioned it to my doctor. That day lead to a series of days filled with fear. I had a mammogram followed by a procedure the nurse practitioner was supposed to take a piece of that lump for testing, well it started out that way but then the nurse called in another then the attending physician. For me it was a confirmation, but the actual confirmation came a couple days later, & within days I had surgery & had both breast removed. That was 4 years ago.

Let me back up to the evening I got confirmation. I had always feared number three, I guess I associated with “Strike three your out”… I prayed and asked God to take control because I couldn’t do it on my own, then I heard a voice saying “They are going to take both breast but it’s going to be alright” that simple but it put me at such ease. I had the surgery and as God had assured me everything turned out alright. FindnBeauty in everything!

I will publish ways to keep our bodies their healthiest and therefore warding off Cancer. There are so many beliefs but what most have in common make sense, eat natural foods avoid chemicals, exercise mind and body, but really important to get proper sleep and give Thanks to your higher power.

Coconut oil can it actually heal is it a Superfood?

There have been many studies on coconut oil below are some reasons I believe in the power of coconut oil inside and out.

#1. Can heal or slow the growth of Cancer cells. Remeber always use unrefined virgin or organic coconut oil, never processed or hydrogenated. There are many many articles and u -tube videos with backed up data, some of which I mentioned below. This makes it a super food to me!

#2. Coconut oil contains fatty acids.

These fatty acids are high in healthy saturated fats. They raise good HDL. They are medium chain triglycerides.

Medium chain triglycerides are harder for the body to convert into fat and easier to burn than long chain triglycerides. Medium chain fatty acids posses same anti microbial properties found in breast milk. Therefore being able to kill bacteria that form many diseases and infections like Candida and yest infections.

Coconut oil can aid you in weight lose, even help control diabetes. There is a lot to read about Coconut oil, want to just chill & listen look up benefits of coconut oil on u- tube!

I have read many studies and the one of most interesting is Dr.Bruce Fife who said he has researched what other resurchers have written about coconut oil.

Healthy living magazine said They consider Dr Fife “one of the world’s leading experts on coconut oil.”

This is a great read with tons of information.

#3 Coconut oil can protect your hair, skin and teeth.

Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer as well as an antibiotic.

Coconut oil can be used as a lubricant.

Coconut oil improves hydration as well as elasticity. Coconut oil contains vitamins A and E which slow down the aging process.

How to get rid of wrinkles using coconut oil…http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/how-to-get-rid-of-wrinkles-using-coconut-oil/

There are many uses such as oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient practice https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/6-benefits-of-oil-pulling .

I hope you find many uses for coconut oil.


Why are you giving your family drugs?

Hardly anyone wants to believe the severity of damage from sugar, but the truth is it’s worse we are abusing our body with drugs, because sugar is found in almost everything we drink and eat. Sugar is toxic, because it has no nutritional value and does not have protiens, minerals or vitamins and our bodies crave it, we even get a withdrawal when we quit using it, So “Sugar is a drug” I read an article called the “sugar detox” by the people’s chemist, the article stated that heroin was easier to quit. “Wow”he has also stated sugar ages us. More important he talks about how it triggers receptors in the brain. The sugar makes us crave stuff like nicotine, alcohol and drugs, bringing up another can of worms “quiting smoking, drinking or drugs” can be much harder when we are feeding our bodies “Sugar”.

There are different forms of sugar one being high fructose corn syrup used in many products. This has been linked to “Fatty liver” The effects are devastating to our bodies by promoting inflammation, Obesity, type 2 diabetes and even heart disease. Inflammation and insulin resistance leads to certain cancers. There have even been studies linking sugar to depression. Let’s not forget the fact it increases aging in a cellular level.

The recommended daily allowence for a women is 6 teaspoons and 9 teaspoons for a man. Most people consume up to 10x the recommended daily allowence. This means 1sweet tea or Soda (any sugared drink) has already put you past your recommended daily allowence. There is an article http://www.healthline.com/nutrition/56-different-names-for-sugar    That list 56 most common names for sugar. This is a must read article.

Bottom line we need to cut back on sugar. For our health and the health of our families.

Dark spots, age spots, liver spots how to lighten and greatly reduce the appearance of

There is a simple but amazing trick to lightening these spots!

First let’s talk about how & why we get these spots to begin with. For me it was simply over exposure to the sun. We we’re on a 4 day 3 night camping trip at the lake & I got alot of sun in that short period of time, I believe it was the last day there and my arm started getting massive dark spots on both my forearms. I had thought at the time these spots would go away but I was wrong matter of fact they seemed to darken over time.

Overactive pigment (UV) accelerates the production of melanin. The age spots appear when melanin becomes clumped or is in high concentrations. (Too much sun) The best preventive is sunscreen & limit exposure.

I made my Dandelion salve & added lemon essential oil, (approximately 1/2 of the amount of your choice in oil)

Don’t stand in the Shadows when it comes to your health care

There are many questions when it comes to healthcare, but we should be more in control. First there should always be a second opinion. Mistakes happen! Right ? We are all capable of making mistakes. Then opinion on how to handle the situation comes into play, one doctor would go the extra step & order a couple additional test or maybe they have some insight into the situation and would go completely a different route, offering a different course of treatment.

The first thing I do is turn to the internet and look up my diagnosis so that I completely understand, then I research treatments.

Now I have my second diagnosis and have been on the internet so I am fully aware of my options, I go over my concerns with my primary doctor.

If possible at least by this point, I believe everyone should take a loved one or a friend with them, it’s easy to miss some of what the doctor said because your still trying to process what he or she said 10 min ago. I have never tried recording a conversation with my doctor but it could be something that I might try. Because again we all make mistakes and it’s important to know what the plan entails.

My purpose in writing this is to encourage you to always look for a solution in different areas. Never should we just blindly go into anything, always keep your faith and stay positive.

The mind is very powerful, So keep an open mind and stay optimistic.

Parsely! Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory,

There are many benefits to herbs like parsely, Parsely contains vitamin A,B,C & K…it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Parsely contains an oil called Eugene, this oil has been shown to relieve arthritis. Parsely can be used it treating gas & bloating. Parsely helps to drop water weight without taking potassium from your system.

Parsely also helps to balance blood sugar . Parsely like Dandelion’s contain anti- inflammatory & antioxidants, then the added benefit of flavanoids help in reducing the risk of certain cancers.

I found a detox shake

2 cups parsely. 2cups cucumber 3 Tsp lemon juice 1 apple 1celery stick 1/4 tsp ginger 2cups water Blend all ingredients after chopping. Enjoy

Dandelion discovery

I couldn’t believe that dandelions were actually “Good ” People spend a lot of money & time on getting rid of theses beautiful “weeds”.

My earliest memories of Dandelions were of course when they went to seed & you could blow on them & the little white ball would float in the air for a moment and scatter in the wind. I will list the top 5 benefits of Dandelion’s

#1 They have anti inflammatory properties. That’s what makes Dandelion’s such a great choice for a salve, rubbing this on your hands helps reduce inflammation, therefore helping to relieve pain. Can be very benificial to those suffering from arthritis.

#2 Dandelion’s have high source if vitamins, A, C, K & E making these dandelion’s benificial topically & orally. Really good on your skin. Including minerals, Iron, calcium, magnesium. & Pottasium. These make Dandelion’s useful in many applications, including “Amazing Salve”

#3 Dandelion’s help rid your liver of toxins . Just wash the little yellow flower & eat 1 or two a day. You can also drink Dandelion tea. Research has been done on mice & the results were amazing . Mice that had been given high doses of toxins, had bounced back due to Dandelion’s.

#4 Dandelion’s have been used medically to treat high triglycerides, high blood pressure and high cholesterol . Always check with your doctor before adding anything medically to your routine.

#5 Dandelion’s contain potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that help prevent free radicals. Too many free radicals speeds up aging. Dandelion’s also are rich in beto- carotene that work really well to prevent signs of aging

Find n Beauty Naturally

  • I have recently  learned a great deal about Dandelions  and there many benefits  to our skin. I started looking  for  something  that  was good for my liver, this is where my dandelion  craze took off. Dandelions have limited but positive  research  and  indicate  they may reduce  certain  types  of  Cancer one being liver Cancer. They have antioxidant  capabilities . Antioxidants  are molecules  that neutralize  the negative  effects  of free radicals  in your body. They are rich  in  beta-carotene   & polyphenolic compounds , that can prevent  aging  and  certain  diseases .  Dandelions  may also be effective  in reducing  inflammation .  A study in mice with artificially induced inflammatitory lung disease showed a significant  rededuction  when receiving dandelion . Dandelion’s are full of vitamins A, C, K, and small amount  of  B.  So just these known facts made me want to dive in further. There is so much more to this plant. Beneficial oils along with bees wax makes an awesome salve.   Harvesting Dandelion’s can be a challenge at times Because you have to find land that has not been sprayed with chemicals, then you only have a small window of time to harvest because of their short growing season. Depending on the area you live in. Some areas have spring and fall. What an amazing so called “weed” I have many uses for this plant. Follow me for recipies and more information. 
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