Before Find n Beauty

I had Cancer when I was in my early 20’s. For me the effects we’re devestating and life changing! I didn’t have to endure any Chemo or Radiation but I did have a partial hysterectomy, and that kept me from having any more children. I did start to have children at a very young age of 16. Thanks to God because I don’t know how I would have delt with not ever becoming a mother, However for me it was devestating. Then almost to the day two years later I had another form of Cancer and had to have a complete hysterectomy. That threw me into a change of life, with hot flashes and total upset to my mind and body.

Then in my 50’s I was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment and while I was in the shower I felt a lump in my breast, so I mentioned it to my doctor. That day lead to a series of days filled with fear. I had a mammogram followed by a procedure the nurse practitioner was supposed to take a piece of that lump for testing, well it started out that way but then the nurse called in another then the attending physician. For me it was a confirmation, but the actual confirmation came a couple days later, & within days I had surgery & had both breast removed. That was 4 years ago.

Let me back up to the evening I got confirmation. I had always feared number three, I guess I associated with “Strike three your out”… I prayed and asked God to take control because I couldn’t do it on my own, then I heard a voice saying “They are going to take both breast but it’s going to be alright” that simple but it put me at such ease. I had the surgery and as God had assured me everything turned out alright. FindnBeauty in everything!

I will publish ways to keep our bodies their healthiest and therefore warding off Cancer. There are so many beliefs but what most have in common make sense, eat natural foods avoid chemicals, exercise mind and body, but really important to get proper sleep and give Thanks to your higher power.


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My story Before Find n Beauty

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