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  • I have recently  learned a great deal about Dandelions  and there many benefits  to our skin. I started looking  for  something  that  was good for my liver, this is where my dandelion  craze took off. Dandelions have limited but positive  research  and  indicate  they may reduce  certain  types  of  Cancer one being liver Cancer. They have antioxidant  capabilities . Antioxidants  are molecules  that neutralize  the negative  effects  of free radicals  in your body. They are rich  in  beta-carotene   & polyphenolic compounds , that can prevent  aging  and  certain  diseases .  Dandelions  may also be effective  in reducing  inflammation .  A study in mice with artificially induced inflammatitory lung disease showed a significant  rededuction  when receiving dandelion . Dandelion’s are full of vitamins A, C, K, and small amount  of  B.  So just these known facts made me want to dive in further. There is so much more to this plant. Beneficial oils along with bees wax makes an awesome salve.   Harvesting Dandelion’s can be a challenge at times Because you have to find land that has not been sprayed with chemicals, then you only have a small window of time to harvest because of their short growing season. Depending on the area you live in. Some areas have spring and fall. What an amazing so called “weed” I have many uses for this plant. Follow me for recipies and more information. 
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