Dandelion discovery

I couldn’t believe that dandelions were actually “Good ” People spend a lot of money & time on getting rid of theses beautiful “weeds”.

My earliest memories of Dandelions were of course when they went to seed & you could blow on them & the little white ball would float in the air for a moment and scatter in the wind. I will list the top 5 benefits of Dandelion’s

#1 They have anti inflammatory properties. That’s what makes Dandelion’s such a great choice for a salve, rubbing this on your hands helps reduce inflammation, therefore helping to relieve pain. Can be very benificial to those suffering from arthritis.

#2 Dandelion’s have high source if vitamins, A, C, K & E making these dandelion’s benificial topically & orally. Really good on your skin. Including minerals, Iron, calcium, magnesium. & Pottasium. These make Dandelion’s useful in many applications, including “Amazing Salve”

#3 Dandelion’s help rid your liver of toxins . Just wash the little yellow flower & eat 1 or two a day. You can also drink Dandelion tea. Research has been done on mice & the results were amazing . Mice that had been given high doses of toxins, had bounced back due to Dandelion’s.

#4 Dandelion’s have been used medically to treat high triglycerides, high blood pressure and high cholesterol . Always check with your doctor before adding anything medically to your routine.

#5 Dandelion’s contain potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that help prevent free radicals. Too many free radicals speeds up aging. Dandelion’s also are rich in beto- carotene that work really well to prevent signs of aging


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