Why are you giving your family drugs?

Hardly anyone wants to believe the severity of damage from sugar, but the truth is it’s worse we abusing our body with drugs, because sugar is found in almost everything we drink and eat. Sugar is toxic, because it has no nutritional value and does not have protiens, minerals or vitamins and our bodies crave it, we even get a withdrawal when we quit using it, So “Sugar is a drug” I read an article called the “sugar detox” by the people’s chemist, the article stated that heroin was easier to quit. “Wow”he has also stated sugar ages us. More important he talks about how it triggers receptors in the brain. The sugar makes us crave stuff like nicotine, alcohol and drugs, bringing up another can of worms “quiting smoking, drinking or drugs” can be much harder when we are feeding our bodies “Sugar”.

There are different forms of sugar one being high fructose corn syrup used in many products. This has been linked to “Fatty liver” The effects are devastating to our bodies by promoting inflammation, Obesity, type 2 diabetes and even heart disease. Inflammation and insulin resistance leads to certain cancers. There have even been studies linking sugar to depression. Let’s not forget the fact it increases aging in a cellular level.

The recommended daily allowence for a women is 6 teaspoons and 9 teaspoons for a man. Most people consume up to 10x the recommended daily allowence. This means 1sweet tea or Soda (any sugared drink) has already put you past your recommended daily allowence. There is an article http://www.healthline.com/nutrition/56-different-names-for-sugar    That list 56 most common names for sugar. This is a must read article.

Bottom line we need to cut back on sugar. For our health and the health of our families.

There have been several studies, people quit sugar for so many days and kept a record of the effects. U tube has many of these tests on its channel.

Give it a try, you will feel better you will have some increased energy and you will loose a little weight.

But please educate your children on the harm sugar does to your health and most definitely make sure consumption is low.

Since I wrote this article there have been many more written on the harmful effects of sugar.

Please be careful using sugar substitutes many are harmful as well, the same for diet drinks.

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