Lamb’s Ear a must have plant

Wooly lamb’s ear typically thought of as a textured addition to landscapes, but it has amazing antibacterial,
anti-viral and anti-inflammatory
properties and is useful in the treatment of cuts abrasions and bruises in addition to reducing
fevers and swelling due to insect bites and bee stings. It also has super absorbent properties, it makes a perfect make-shift bandage, causing the blood to clot more quickly and the fuzzy leaves absorb blood. Has been used by women for menses before the invention of feminine products.

Another great use for Wooly Lamb’s Ear is a homemade anti-bacterial hand wash.( Add aloe or vitamin E for soft hands)

Originally grown in Turkey, Armenia, and Iran, but is now cultivated around much of the world because of the ornamental, medicinal, and culinary qualities.

If living off grid this is a must have plant they’re drought tolerant, and deer resistant. They are also super easy to grow.

Please comment if you know a recipe for this plant. Thanks

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