Find n Beauty everyday, everywhere in everything

Black river N.C.

Find The Beauty

Everyday we pass by trees but we don’t really look at them. I started looking at them in a whole new way when my husband of 18 years was working on the black river in North Carolina. This is where my artistic side kicked in.

Lumber River N.C.

There are trees that have been taken down, mostly due to storms and they have sat in the water for many years, sometimes hundreds. What they leave behind is just amazing. Driftwood is just a small example of the beauty that lays on the bank or waters edge.

I have started going to the lakes, rivers and ponds to look for the beauty nature has made.

Below is a piece of wood that layed in the river with water rushing over it. I cleaned it up and oiled and rubbed it to bring out its natural beauty. There is an imprint of a beavers bite mark along with bugs and organisms that have passed by this wood. These marks are what gives this wood such character and beauty. Now this is a beautiful piece of artwork ready to hang.

Wood sculpture
Tumbled Cypress wall art

My husband brought me this piece of wood that resembled a sponge. It was wet and you could squeeze it like a sponge. Now after being cleaned and dried, it makes a beautiful work of art.

Driftwood (spongey)

My husband brought me a pine knot. What a beautiful hat rack this has become. A little TLC and it’s ready for use as a hat rack and to be admired for it beauty.

Pine knot hat rack

I have such an amazing small collection. I can hardly wait to share it with the world. The picture below does not do any justice to the artwork, This piece of art work is very detailed and really amazing.

Driftwood Root “Rootie”

The excitment in Find n Beauty nature created has me ready to go hunting that next perfect piece. My husband shares in my enthusiasm, Actually he has worked with wood for many years creating walking sticks, puzzle boxes and much more. Together we are building a business, enabling you to enjoy these beautiful works of art.

Please understand Iam not a photographer and you can sure tell, because there is a “big” difference in the artwork in person, these pics do not do any justice to the items.

Get out take time Find n Beauty everywhere in everything.

Don’t forget to sanitize your hands often!

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