Don’t stand in the Shadows with health care

Stay informed

Two people casting a shadow on pier

Know your options after all it’s your body. Be involved, make your health a priority.

There are many questions when it comes to healthcare, but we should be more in control. There should always be a second diagnosis. When it comes to surgery.  Mistakes happen! Right? We are all capable of making mistakes.

Another idea is to turn to the internet and look up your diagnosis, then research treatments and options. This gives you the best possible understanding.

Then I get my second opinion. Now I am ready to go over my concerns with my primary doctor and make the best possible decision. Also and very important if possible, take a loved one with you to your appointments because having emotional support can help you to stay calm and give you someone else to process all the information you will be faced with. Remember stress only makes matters worse.

Doctors have different beliefs and opinions on how to handle the situation.  Also taking into account, not all medical schools teach the same thing, nor do we learn in the same manner as others, matter of fact did you know doctors don’t take classes in nutrition. Why not? You might ask Because it’s not a requirement. I was listening to an audible book called “How not to die” the first time I heard that, and checking around found that to be true, at least as of 5 years ago.

I was listening to the news one morning and heard a story about a woman that went to the emergency room because she was having a heart attack only to be told that she was not, the problem was the woman was confident in her assessment and pushed the doctors to do more test. After learning that this woman was a doctor more tests were ordered. Turns out she had suffered a heart attack. But had she not pushed for more tests things might have turned fatal.

It is your body and you have to live with the consequence, so speak up!

My purpose in writing this is to encourage you to always look for a solution in different areas. Never should we just blindly go into anything, always keep your faith and stay positive.     

Have a blessed day!  Remember to eat healthy get adequate sleep and give thanks to your higher power.       

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