Healing from within

Starting with our food, we can heal

Once we learn how to eat to fuel our bodies instead of eating to satisfy our emotions, We can then learn how to eat and detoxify our bodies so that our organs can do the work they were meant to, Then our bodies can heal.

Unfortunately, there have been so many changes that affect our eating habits, for instance in 2019 our lives have gotten so full that we were too busy to slow down and eat a meal with family and or friends, instead we opt for the drive-in.

Our food choices are not what we need to properly maintain good health. Just the practice of sitting down to a meal and taking the time to enjoy our food, enjoy our company and give thanks for our food was almost a thing of the past. Today we are faced with real challenges, how to eat, what to eat and what foods should we stay away from, But since Covid 19 most of us have been able to slow down a little, allowing us to work on what is important.

Limiting your meat to be no larger than a deck of cards, eating plenty of plant foods, going easy on dairy, eliminating pre-packaged food and sugar. Don’t forget to eat fruit & grains and stay hydrated. That’s a recipe for a healthy body, then you add exercise and 8 hours sleep, doing this will help to keep our minds clear.

I believe most of us know about sugar,(Why are you giving your family drugs?) we know it makes us fat but it does a lot of serious damage to our organs, including slowing the production of white blood cells. Processed foods have so many toxins, and we wonder why all the sickness and disease. Did you know that genetically modified foods lose most of their benefits? The typical Granny Smith apple, let’s say (hypothetical) has 3 grams of vitamin C per fruit but being crossbred with a Red apple, in the process the apple has lost most of, if not all its nutrients. I have read that drinking fruit juice is not good for you because of the sugar, but, eating the fruit as a whole is because the fibers in the fruit covert the sugar into glucose and is processed like a carbohydrate, and juice contains more sugar because when you are drinking a concentration of many pieces of fruit. Have you heard wheat bread is bad for you? That’s because wheat was modified to produce more. If you eat wheat choose 100 percent whole grain.

When we start eating right our bodies almost immediately start bouncing back, but to get full benefits a fast is usually the next step. ( A cleanse or water fast should be supervised by a professional.) This allows the pieces of toxic waste to be eliminated, also it’s suggested that we give our organs a break by eating x amount of hours and leaving at least 12 hours of no food so that our organs are not constantly working. That means we eat at 7 pm, in bed by 10 pm, wake up, and have breakfast around 7 am, that would be the 12-hour break, optimal for our organs and weight.

The hardest part of course is the processed foods and sugar. There are things you can make using honey (from bees) and dark chocolate,(cocoa), and naturally sweet fruits, to help kick the sugar cravings.

I will try to find some recipes, but if you have one please post it.

Don’t forget to give thanks to your higher power, get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated.

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