Can food be medicine?

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves, When eating 100% organic natural food.

These goals are possible.

Knowing what foods to eat can be the hard part, So we will discuss the foods to avoid first.

# 1. Sugar, Yes, Sugar. Sometimes can be tricky to identify because it’s in disguise 90% of the time under different names, But the results ultimately are the same. Sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies and is the culprit for diseases, direct or indirectly.

# 2. GMOs (genetically modified foods) are meant to enhance the growing process, but when messing with the DNA the changes have taken away most nutritional benefits and in the process have left behind foods that are not 100% organic. There is a lot of controversy about their effects.

#3. Animals given grains and not allowed the natural process of roaming around eating grass are affected because grain affects the animal’s health negatively in return our health suffers, causing issues like allergies. Cows that eat grain have a high occurrence of liver abscess, bloating, and sudden death syndrome. The worst being processed meats like salami, these are high in nitrates. Nitrates have been linked to cancer.

#4.  Dairy can be very bad for our health. Dairy is the main source of saturated fat and high in cholesterol. It has been proven that not consuming dairy does not affect bone strength. We can get our needed levels of vitamin D from green leafy vegetables and nuts. Like most things, moderation is the key, along with being aware of the history behind the food.

#5. Processed foods as the name suggest “processed” meaning to change or preserve. Things pre-made, boxed or packaged for resale contain preservatives, dyes, salt & sugar, and there always seems to be at least one ingredient with about 15 letters, not to mention you need a thesaurus or a mini course just to have an understanding of the ingredients. The healthiest foods don’t come with an ingredient list.

#6.  Carbohydrates, like bleached white flour, rice, pasta and bread contain sugars and refined carbs cause inflammation, again moderation and information is key.

Bottom line if your living like they did in the 1800s, you would eat meat raised on grass & hay and only eat meat in portions about the size of a deck of cards. Fruits and vegetables were grown organically, not soaked in pesticides or grafted to form another breed, GMOs were not thought of. Meals were more balanced, we ate things from each food group instead of a plate full of carbs and fried foods, also adding herbs and spices, along with onion and garlic, infuses many nutrients into our food, Eating whole grains or (instead of wheat, that has been modified,) unbleached flour. Adding a small portion of beans or legumes to meals can be beneficial as well. and consuming dairy in small portions. ( organic, non-GMO).

I know a few older farmers that had beans, coleslaw and pickles, onions and peppers with every supper, mostly just having a spoon full, but I believe it was for gut health,

When eating dessert use fruits to add sweetness ( using whole fruit has fiber, this slows down on blood sugar spikes.) add dark chocolate, Also limiting sodas or processed juices and consuming clean drinking water.

When eating in a healthy manner, like mentioned above our bodies will fight off disease including Cancer.

Living free of chemicals included in cleaning products, shampoo, lotion, shaving creme, artificial tans, basically everything we put on our skin, or that comes in contact with our skin, not to mention products used for fragrence, and many more. Instead opt for natural, organic, herbs for adding healing and nutritional benefits. Limiting the bad and introducing healthy options will reduce the need for prescribed medicine.

I am not a doctor nor am I trying to diagnose or prescribe treatment. I am a person that has done lots of research besides personal experience and give you my interpretation. Always discuss with your physician any changes you intend to make.

Please tell us your experience with getting healthy.

Last, (although it should come first) get your gut healthy by making sure you have proper balance. Only take supplements to make up for a deficiency. It hasn’t been researched enough to 100% say, but for Covid prevention it is suggested to take 1,000 -4,000 IU of vitamin D3 and 500mg of vitamin C. Upon symptoms add zinc lozenges.

I know it’s almost impossible to change overnight but when your body is stressed by disease do your best to stick to basics.

Always stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and give Thanks to your higher power.

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