Become a believer in 100% all-natural, “Good Stuff” Amazing salve, it’s not just a quick fix. No added chemicals or toxic fillers, made from what nature provides.

Every 10 sold I will donate 1 to various organizations, starting with homeless shelters

“Good stuff”amazing salve

Relief from injured or sore achy muscles, and joints, including arthritis. Good stuff is all around beneficial for skin, promotes healing on many levels


The combination of these ingredients helps fight inflammation, has anti spasmodic qualities, reduces swelling and relieves joint pain, including arthritic pain.

This is one of the amazing things about Good Stuff, it has everything needed for amazing skin, it speeds healing, is antimicrobial, best of all it helps to prevent scaring.

The qualities of this natural salve “Good Stuff” most definitely will open your eyes to the medicinal properties of herbs. I know the mind can effect the outcome, So on the odd chance your a negative Nancy and refuse to become a believer you can send back your purchase for a full refund. I will replace the amount of purchase minus any used coupons. It is the buyers responsibility to package and return by mail. This offer is good for first 30 days . Contact me [email protected] to let me know to expect package and so I can get refund ready for return . No questions, I want you to be satisfied. Try one of my other amazing products, COMING SOON

ingredients: cold pressed virgin coconut oil, infused with dandelion flowers,. Leaves and roots, Tumeric, (Curcum a longa ), Black pepper (Piper nigrum), Rosemary( Rosemarinus official), Mustard (Brassica), and peppermint. Other beneficial oils are top grade extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E. Bees wax and Soy wax

Always discuss with your physician any changes to your daily regiem. If any kind of unusual redness or irritation develops , immediately contact your physician or go to a medical center (hospital). Anyone having prior reaction to above ingredients, DO NOT use unless your under doctors care, so you may be monitored. As required by law below is my disclaimer.

I am not a physician and I am not trying to endorse or prescribe anything as a cure or pain reliever. Patent pending.

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