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“Good Stuff” Amazing Salve

Label for “Good Stuff”

    %100 natural

Not just a quick fix. No added chemicals or toxic fillers, made from what nature provides.

“Good Stuff”, has everything needed for amazing skin, softens dry or damaged skin, apply to bug bites or use as a muscle rub, Amazing that the same salve applied to a bug bite can also be put on skin snd may help with eczema even acne, also believed to assist in lightening scars. That’s not even all of the benefits or use’s that herbalist identify with these herbs. I will attach a list of ingredients and description of each at the bottom of page.

Over the past few years i researched, experimented with and developed “Good Stuff”  and a couple other products, during that time I gave away samples to get real life feedback, and I know you will be happy as I am about the final products.

The qualities of this natural salve most definitely will open your eyes to the properties of herbs, You will become a believer!

I know the mind can effect the outcome, So on the odd chance your a negative Nancy and refuse to become a believer you can send back your purchase for a refund.

Try one of my other amazing products, COMING SOON. I will list resources below, these are herbs used 100s of years ago into our modern day.

  •    Ginger: when combined with cinnamon can be effective in reducing Osteoarthritis symptoms, has anti-inflammatory properties, is also believed to be as effective as acetaminophen/ibuprofen,  protects skins lipid barrier, slows aging caused by the sun, also good for lightening pigments in the skin
  •    Marigold: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties aids in helping to prevent wrinkles also effective for healing  small skin wounds by helping the regeneration of new tissue
  •    Mustard: contains vitamin C, rich in copper, calcium, magnesium, and manganous, great for lessening wrinkles, believed to protect against bacteria and fungal infections. IF YOU HAVE a thyroid condition check with your primary doctor
  •    Oregano oil: Helps neutralize free radicals, also rich in antioxidants. Fights away bacteria and may protect against some viruses. It is believed to be anti-inflammatory, nature’s antibacterial is what most herbalists call this. Repels insects, said to relieve pain, and heal cuts and small wounds. If taking lithium or diuretics consult your doctor.
  •    Cinnamon: fights bacteria and some forms of fungi, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant Helps to reduce signs of aging, helps in the treatment of eczema, cinnamon helps to reduce acne while enhancing complexion, also effective at reducing the appearance of scars
  •    Clove: Natural antibiotic, antimicrobial  (may kill harmful bacteria) reduces inflammation and free radicals. In animals studies show clove to increase bone mass, clove is effective in removing scars, my favorite is it reduces the appearance of dark circles under eyes. ( Use care not to get in eyes) besides aiding in reducing wrinkles clove helps to tighten saggy skin.
  •    Rosemary: Hydrates the skin, studies suggest it may be a little more, rosemary ranked #1 for a repellent against mosquitos, it was 100% effective for 90min. some studies suggest it improves circulation and could be useful for joint pain
  •    Plantain: this useful plant, does almost everything you want in a salve, it’s said to have healing capabilities on small cuts and scrapes, also relieves symptoms from bug bites, gives skin a nice glow, I read it is aids in skin regeneration and helps acne due to its antimicrobial properties.

To purchase payment button on botton of every page, in full site.

I am currently working on a face, hair and body wash, it’s formulated to love your skin, you will never want anything else.

If needed you can eliminate something just get ahold of me , custom orders may take up to 6 weeks, although I don’t anticipate it being that long.

Refunds: I will replace the amount of purchase minus any used coupons and shipping. It is the buyers responsibility to package and return by mail. This offer is good for first 45 days . . No questions, I want you to be satisfied.

Always discuss with your physician any changes to your daily regimen. If any kind of unusual redness or  irritation develops , immediately contact your physician or go to a medical center (hospital). Anyone having prior reaction to these ingredients, DO NOT use unless your under doctors care, so you may be monitored. The same if you are pregnant check with your doctor.

As required by law below is my disclaimer.

I am not a physician and I am not trying to endorse or prescribe anything as a cure or pain reliever. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA

My wish is, we all stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep,and eliminate toxins from our lives, most important give thanks to our higher power, Therefore making us healthy, mind body and spirit.


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