“Good Stuff” Amazing Salve

%100 natural, No added chemicals

Not just a quick fix. No added chemicals or toxic fillers, made from what nature provides.

“Good Stuff”, has everything needed for amazing skin, softens dry or damaged skin, apply to bug bites, or use as a muscle rub.

Amazing that the same salve applied to a bug bite is believed to eliminate eczema even acne, also believed to assist in lightening scars. That’s not even all of the benefits or uses that herbalists identify with these herbs.

Over the past few years, I researched, experimented with, and developed “Good Stuff”  and a couple of other products, during that time I gave away samples to get real-life feedback, and I know you will be happy as I am about the final products.

As a part of my research I looked at 2-4 of the top products and solved the what and why of what made people like these products and came up with ingredients that are comparable but remain all natural and free of toxins.

I know the mind can affect the outcome, So on the odd chance, you’re a negative Nancy and refuse to become a believer you can send back your purchase for a refund.

Refunds.. . No questions, I want you to be satisfied.Within 90 days, Just return the product and I will refund your money, along with a 50 % off coupon to try another great product.

I prefer to fix what’s wrong and make it right, what’s right for some may not be for others. I will gladly work with you to get that perfect blend, that’s the deal of the century, made just for you too your liking.

I am currently working on a facial product, it’s formulated to love your skin, you will never want anything else. Silky smooth and I am currently doing studies with my face product to achieve the best results. “FREAK N FABULOUS” facial care should debut around Christmas.

Always discuss with your physician any changes to your daily regimen. If any redness or unusual reactions occur contact your physician or go to a medical center (hospital). Anyone having a prior reaction to these ingredients, DO NOT use unless you are under doctors’ care, so you may be monitored. The same if you are pregnant check with your doctor.

As required by law below is my disclaimer.

I am not a physician and I am not trying to endorse or prescribe anything as a cure or pain reliever. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

The qualities of this natural salve most definitely will open your eyes to the properties of herbs, You will become a believer!




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Herbs used in “Good Stuff” Amazing Salve

  • Dandelion infused coconut oil
  • Plantain
  • Oregano
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Mustard
  • Marigold infused olive oil
  • Vitamin E

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Thank-you for trying “Good Stuff”

My wish is, we all stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and eliminate toxins from our lives, It is important to give thanks to our higher power, Therefore making us healthy, mind-body, and spirit.

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