Prevent disease with lifestyle change’s

Stop managing and start healing.

We take prescription medication to manage our condition, for example blood pressure, when in fact there are many choices that are healthy, Non toxic, natural choices.

As a society we need to make lifestyle changes. These changes would enable us to heal ourselves.

Can you imagine the need for prescriptions dropping by at least 80%, likely more?

Of course, most of us know that pharmaceutical companies have some control over what we eat and how stuff is labeled.

Have you noticed the rise in the talk about nutrition and toxins? We have as a society become so out of

touch with natural foods, instead, we consume genetically modified foods, and for convenience, pre-packaged foods that come loaded with preservatives, and dyes. Then there are desserts and drinks, with the common ingredient being sugar. These are all loaded with what scientists would refer to as toxins.

I believe we have been on the edge for many years, let’s look at the research done by Otto Warburg, in the 1930’s he believed there is a connection between Cancer and diet, more precise he believed Cancer feed off of glucose (blood sugar).

Warburg received the Nobel prize in 1931 on his work on respiration, and on two different occasions he was considered for the Nobel prize, As a matter of fact, he was believed to have won had the Nazis not forbade the acceptance by German citizens.  Former colleagues of Warburg’s wrote that several sources proclaimed Warburg was the only scientist who offered hope of a cure of Cancer.

Warburg died in 1970, and by this time there were other scientists with different beliefs, those scientists went on to be put in history books with their discoveries. It has only been in the last several years that scientists have come full circle and led back to Warburg’s work, and this is not 100%, a matter of fact it’s a small percentage, but it has been gaining in belief.

The scientists that did not agree with Warburg all believe Cancer lies in genetics and cell damage from environmental factors as well as genetic chance. Their way of thinking doesn’t allow for healing from Nutrition or that nutrition even plays a part. This was the majority belief and it took us off the track.

Then there was Gerson therapy, it combined detoxification with diet and supplements.😘There are numerous people that claimed to have healed from Cancer and other disease’s, by eating healthy. There have been documentaries made about turning to nutrition instead of conventional methods.

There is a Cancer center in Mexico with remarkable recoveries from Cancer even at stage 4, Some of their strategy is to detoxify and boost immunity, restoring the Microbiome, address Nutrition, and cater to Spiritual and Emotional healing, along with other non toxic therapies.

The Mayo Clinics recipe for prevention, (according to many experts) eat foods that grow from the ground, with little to no meat or other animal products. Their estimate is one third of Cancer could be prevented following this recipe.

Don’t underestimate the power of herbs, season your food with onions, garlic, turmeric, ginger, dry mustard, black pepper and many more, these have anti-inflammatory abilities along with so many other benefits.

To summarize, eating mainly plant-based foods, while eating meat make sure to eat grass-fed and limit portions to the size of a deck of cards. It’s also a good idea to detox your body, add nutrients you don’t get from food, avoid sugar, exercise, get proper sleep and stay hydrated.

But let’s protect ourselves and our loved ones from a battle that we don’t have to fight.

What are your thoughts?

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