Holistic healthcare

What is holistic health?

This term has been used a lot in the last several years, but even then some may not know the meaning. There are 5 area’s, physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social (relationships).

Holistic health is about focusing on the body as a whole, These are the things defining one’s life and when out of balance in one area that could be the factor in your overall health. It is believed that when one part is out of balance the whole suffers.

Treating the “cause” of the condition not just the condition itself.

Holistic practitioners believe in the power of herbs and plant-based foods. The benefits are enormous compared to foods loaded with toxins. These toxins contribute to disease and affect our mood and overall feelings of well being.

Mind, body, and spirit all become well when we add the proper nutrition. We can’t forget what we feed our brains in information needs to be positive as well as beneficial. Yoga or meditation can be helpful.

Holistic practitioners don’t dismiss modern medicine they use it in combination with their beliefs.

To me, it’s a natural approach that was almost forgotten because of advancements in modern medicine, but the beliefs and practices are very much needed, combining methods give us the best of both worlds.

Don’t ever forget the mind is extremely powerful. The body was designed to heal itself, when given proper care. I believe everything we need is obtainable, whether it is food, herbs or natural cures found all around us, provided by nature.

So whatever your health issue talk to a holistic practitioner, you won’t lose anything but much to gain. Look at it this way if modern or western medicine was the complete answer would we be so consumed with so much disease? And health-related issues. Would the drug companies have so much influence, power, or money?

My wish is we can turn around the damage we have done to our bodies before the damage is irreversible but more important we need to pass on proper eating and the use of herbs to our children.

Stay hydrated, get proper sleep and give thanks to your higher power.

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