6 Good habits to ease arthritis pain

  • #1
  • Exercise – you want to do muscle-strengthening exercise but nothing hardcore. The best exercise is done in water.
  • Water aerobics is very easy on your joints allowing the benefits of exercise without being hard on your joints.
  • Try walking not running or jogging, the idea is not to put jarring movement on your joints.
  • # 2
  • Eat healthily, Avoid pre-packaged foods. Try to eat fresh foods, limit sugar and salt, but don’t forget to spice up your foods using all-natural herbs. I read eating a diet low in dairy, also a vegetarian diet can be effective because that would eliminate inflammation-causing foods.
  • When needed add calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, vitamin k2, and D3, to your daily regime, of course, any other vitamins your body may be lacking. The above-mentioned plays a significant role in the reduction of side effects from arthritis. (discuss levels with your doctor.) Also adding Boswella and turmeric have been proven (In India) to be effective.
  • # 3
  • Proper hydration – There is never a bad time to be properly hydrated.
  • The best choice is water if you
  • don’t like the plain taste of water add fruits, try a combination using a cucumber, and a sprig of mint with lemon, The combinations are endless.
  • Green tea 3-4 times a day, The ingredients in green tea are beneficial.
  • Whatever you choose stay away from sodas, high fructose corn syrup, and sugared drinks.
  • # 4
  • Hot and Cold therapy – A relaxing hot bath or a heating pad helps to deliver heat. Than for cold use an ice pack or get your affected area into ice, alternate therapies.
  • DO NOT use a heating pad with ointments containing anything that heats up, like capsaicin, This can burn your skin and blisters could form.
  • # 5
  • Massage – massage can be very relaxing, use oils containing evening primrose or any nut oils.
  • Massage is relaxing and may reduce the pain, at least temporarily.
  • # 6
  • Topical Aids – topical creams or salves made from natural ingredients can help reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Try salves with evening primrose.
  • It is stated that arnica helps to relieve pain and is natural.
  • There are many natural remedies, just be mindful of what you are already taking and beware of interactions. Willow bark is a good natural supplement but know that it contains salicin, which converts to salicylic acid in the body, commonly known as aspirin. When in doubt consult a professional.

My wish is for everyone to eat healthy, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep, and give thanks to your higher power..

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