Relationships can be toxic.

All kinds of relationships can be bad for our health, for example working for someone that never has anything nice to say or consistently tells you that you’re doing your job poorly, even reprimanding you in front of others, or the wife that nags constantly and blames you for everything.

This puts stress on our bodies because we dread having to deal with situations like this, but maybe it’s the only job in your area that seems to be hiring or the only one you qualified for,  (never too late to learn a new skill) don’t think it’s worth the abuse.

When weighing the pros and cons always consider the health risk these situations put you in.

Stress causes symptoms like high blood pressure, digestive problems, muscles aches, headaches, causing things like depression, irritability, insecurities. Symptoms are different in most individuals but know that stress could cause you to have a heart attack, stroke or even a virus or infection because it wears your immune system down.

     In some situations, we have to learn to put a smile on our face, focus on something good or maybe sing an uplifting song anything to transport us mentally to a better place, Don’t forget to  breathe, breathe through your nose, and out your mouth.

We have many relationships and some are lifelong, but we need to learn when to say enough is enough. Whether it’s a spouse, your child, or even a parent! Many of us just keep tolerating bad behavior from our loved ones because somehow we believe that is what we should do. It’s extremely hard to cut ties with those closest to you, but it’s a must for your health and sometimes sanity.

  We don’t always think of a situation like this as being the cause of us getting sick but there is a great chance this could be the culprit.

Reach out to someone and talk about it sometimes this helps, but whether we choose to believe it or not relationships like these ultimately hurt us more than cutting ties. I think of a saying I heard, “you teach people how to treat you by what you allow.”

Another great saying ” Laughter is the best medicine”? It’s true! So if you must Keep yourself around those toxic conditions at least keep a sense of humor. That’s right keeping the right attitude can be as beneficial as taking a pill. So break out the comedies or visit the friend that makes you laugh.

I just wanted to bring this up because I know so many people that could benefit health-wise if they would stop allowing relationships to make us sick.

Of course, try keeping it in your mind that this is not your fault. That fault is found in people that are unhappy with themselves. Be careful and aware that these traits and behaviors often belong to a narcissist and a narcissist is very good at manipulation and deception.

I hope this helps someone to realize how harmful stress in all forms can be to our bodies.

Laugh Till it hurts!

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Stay hydrated, eat healthy, get plenty of rest and give thanks to your higher power.

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