Simple Tips for Natural Living


  • Stress and chemical-induced food!

    Lethal combo? Stress and all the toxic chemicals we put in our bodies make a lethal combo. But how do you avoid it? There isn’t an easy method but here are a few ways to help with avoiding the danger that stress and toxins do to our body. First, we all have stress but taking…

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  • Find beauty EVERYWHERE

    Looking at beauty has a medicinal effect Every day we pass by trees but we don’t look at them, not really, I started looking at them in a whole new way when my husband of 18 years was working on the black river in North Carolina. This is where my artistic side kicked in. Some…

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  • Lamb’s Ear a must have plant

    Lamb’s Ear a must have plant


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  • Coconut oil is it a Superfood?

    Healing power of coconut There have been many studies on coconut oil, below are some reasons I believe in the power of coconut oil inside and out. #1. Can heal or slow the growth of cancer cells. Remember always to use unrefined virgin or organic coconut oil, (never processed or hydrogenated). There are many many…

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  • Why are you giving your family drugs?

    Hardly anyone wants to believe the severity of damage from sugar! The truth is it’s like abusing our body with drugs, because sugar is found in almost everything we drink and eat. Sugar is toxic, because it has no nutritional value and does not have proteins, minerals or vitamins and our bodies crave it, we…

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