Coconut oil can it actually heal is it a Superfood?

There have been many studies on coconut oil below are some reasons I believe in the power of coconut oil inside and out. #1. Can heal or slow the growth of Cancer cells. Remeber always use unrefined virgin or organic coconut oil, never processed or hydrogenated. There are many many articles and u -tube videos […]

Dark spots, age spots, liver spots how to lighten and greatly reduce the appearance of

There is a simple but amazing trick to lightening these spots! First let’s talk about how & why we get these spots to begin with. For me it was simply over exposure to the sun. We we’re on a 4 day 3 night camping trip at the lake & I got alot of sun in […]

Don’t stand in the Shadows when it comes to your health care

There are many questions when it comes to healthcare, but we should be more in control. First there should always be a second opinion. Mistakes happen! Right ? We are all capable of making mistakes. Then opinion on how to handle the situation comes into play, one doctor would go the extra step & order […]

Parsely! Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory,

There are many benefits to herbs like parsely, Parsely contains vitamin A,B,C & K…it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Parsely contains an oil called Eugene, this oil has been shown to relieve arthritis. Parsely can be used it treating gas & bloating. Parsely helps to drop water weight without taking potassium from your system. Parsely also […]