Lamb’s Ear a must have plant

Lambs ear a furry plant Wooly lamb's ear typically thought of as a textured addition to landscapes, but it has amazing antibacterial,anti-viral and anti-inflammatoryproperties and is useful in the treatment of cuts abrasions and bruises in addition to reducingfevers and swelling due to insect bites and bee stings. It also has super absorbent properties, it … Continue reading Lamb’s Ear a must have plant

Coconut oil is it a Superfood?

Healing power of coconut There have been many studies on coconut oil, below are some reasons I believe in the power of coconut oil inside and out. Photo by Miro Alt on #1. Can heal or slow the growth of cancer cells. Remember always to use unrefined virgin or organic coconut oil, (never processed … Continue reading Coconut oil is it a Superfood?