Eliminate Cellulite Coffee and Sugar scrub..

There are not to many uses for sugar that I would recommend, but as a scrub how can you go wrong? Coffee helps to eliminate Cellulite lighten strech mark & scars.

Take your leftover grounds & add to them some brown sugar, mix them together & place in zip lock bag or container & keep in refrigerator for a cool refreshing scrub that actually works. If you want to make a lot to store or package for gifts, first lay your grounds out to dry completely and then mix with different ingredients for different aromas. I will list an example of my favorite recipe and you can adjust to your liking. This one is Vanilla Capachinno…

1 cup used coffee grounds

4 tbl. Cocoa powder

5-10 drops vanilla essential oil

2 tbl. White sugar

Combine all ingredients let air dry about 20 min then put in ziplock bag or container & before each use add oil (castor, coconut or almond) slowly mixing to a loose paste, then rub on your legs, arms and or belly, rubbing in a circular motion to help break up the pockets of fat, also helps in fading streach marks and lightening scars.

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