Amazing Salve Fights Arthritis, inflammation and relieves pain

This amazing salve works for numerous conditions, The anti- inflammatory properties combined with pain relieving abilities, not to mention antibiotic abilities.. First I will talk about some of the ingredients found in this amazing salve, One of my favorite natural ingredients is Dandelion. Dandelion’s have vitamin’s A,C &K along with Folic acid. Dandelion’s themselves have anti-inflammatory & anti-biotic properties. I make an oil from the dandelion’s. First dandelion’s are harvested, cleaned and dried. (I use every part of the plant leaf to stem) Before infusing in a combination of coconut oil, vitamin E, Cocco butter, along with castor oil. The process of infusing the herbs into oils is done on a low heated surface for up to 24 hrs , then after 24-48 hrs the herbs are strained from the oil. Then at that point the oil is put into a mason jar & sealed untill needed. I use this oil for several remedies, most useful is the amazing Salve.

Parsely oil is another wonderful ingredient containing Vitamins A,C,& K and having anti-inflammatory & anti- bacterial properties. Parsely oil made in almost the same way except using extra virgin olive oil and reduce the simmer to 6-12 hours then allowing 24 hrs before straining off the Parsely. I keep some of the oil for use in cooking and the oil being used for salve has vitamin E added to give the oil longer shelf life.

Ginger has many amazing benefits some being anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Just like the other ingredients in this amazing salve there are many benificial reasons. For me the best is to gaurd against Cancer, high blood pressure & inflammation.

The ginger is chopped & dried before infusing in olive oil, the same process as Parsely. Then I combine ingredients using equal parts except for Dandelion, I use dbl the amount then in double boiler I add beeswax until it starts turning milky. Then I add to containers to cool & solidify. There are many benefits including the vitamins. The salve is then used on hands, elbows, feet and anyplace in need of deep hydration and softening.

This needs to be approved by your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing or being treated for heart problems, diabetes or any condition, Iam not a healthcare professional, and Iam not making claims for a cure.

Good luck and enjoy using this salve. I will be sure to find different recipies that address different ailments, If you have any good recipes you would like to share Plz do!

Transforming herbs into beneficial oils

All of your herbs can be infused into oils. Make sure to dry the herbs completely or it could turn your oil rancid.

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