Vitamin C serum

I love this vitamin C serum, it’s easy to make & saves so much on purchasing products that have many unwanted ingredients. First I buy pure vegtable glycerin (food grade) then after eating orange or a lemon I grate the peeling and let them dry on a coffee filter, then I add it to the glycerin.

You can make small batches at a time or save the shavings in a sealed container & make a bigger batch. The measurements are not exact but I use 1/4-3/4 of grated fruit to approx 1 1/2 cup glycerin. shake the container as often as you think about it over the next 2 weeks, then you can strain through a coffee filter the grated fruit & discard, this step is optional. That’s it the finished product, I use it as a lip gloss, add it to my bath, mix it to make other natural products. The best use of this is a aid in wrinkles, glycerin attracts moisture. Apply some to your face after washing Pat dry with a towel & apply serum. I use it under my eyes & above my lips to help reduce fine lines.