Don’t stand in the Shadows with health care

There are many questions when it comes to healthcare, but we should be more in control. First there should always be a second opinion. Mistakes happen! Right ? We are all capable of making mistakes. Then opinions on how to handle the situation come into play, one doctor might go the extra step & order a couple additional test or maybe they have some insight into the situation and would go completely a different route, offering a different course of treatment.

The first thing I do is turn to the internet and look up my diagnosis so that I completely understand, then I research treatments.

Now I have my second diagnosis and have been on the internet so I am fully aware of my options, I go over my concerns with my primary doctor.

If possible at least by this point, I believe everyone should take a loved one or a friend with them, it’s easy to miss some of what the doctor said because your still trying to process what he or she said 10 min ago. I have never tried recording a conversation with my doctor but it could be something that I might try. Because again we all make mistakes and it’s important to know what the plan entails.

My purpose in writing this is to encourage you to always look for a solution in different areas. Never should we just blindly go into anything, always keep your faith and stay positive.

The mind is very powerful, So keep an open mind and stay optimistic.

Have a blessed day! Remember to eat healthy, get adequate sleep and give thanks to your higher power

This morning there was a news article about this subject, a doctor herself was having a heart attack but yet was told she was not! Had she not stood up for herself she may not have gotten proper treatment. “Don’t stand in the shadows”

A shadow of two people
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