Stress and chemical-induced food!

Lethal combo? Stress and all the toxic chemicals we put in our bodies make a lethal combo. But how do you avoid it? There isn't an easy method but here are a few ways to help with avoiding the danger that stress and toxins do to our body. First, we all have stress but taking … Continue reading Stress and chemical-induced food!

Parsely! Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory,

There are numerous benefits to herbs like parsely Parsley contains vitamin A, B, C & also has anti-inflammatory properties. Parsely contains an oil called Eugene, this oil has been shown to relieve arthritis. Parsely can be used in treating gas & bloating. Parsely helps to drop water weight without taking potassium from your system. … Continue reading Parsely! Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory,

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Before Find n Beauty “About me”

"Effects from toxins fueld my Cancer's" I had Cancer when I was in my early 20's. For me the effects were devastating and life-changing, followed by Cancer two more times by my early 50's, presently I am dealing with side effects from medicine to help control my high blood pressure and extremely high triglycerides. This … Continue reading Before Find n Beauty “About me”